Hi~~ I’m Rachelle.. ❤ I love surprises.. living in this garden city filled with trees actually isn’t all so bad… It is safe from natural disasters. 🙂 I’m still schooling~~ Sometimes it is really hard to cope when u have really a lot of school work, all those peer pressure and the criticism abt how u look, talk, behave it is kind of frustrating to handle all of in every single day of my life… but luckily, many of my friends arearound me cheering me on… giving me the encouragement I need, the listening ear when i have something to say when i feel sad, happy or even angry… friends make up most of a teenager’s life.. most of their time being spent on the school campus, learning new things, meeting new people with different backgrounds.. it is also the time when many of this teenagers like me are being hurt by even their closest friends.. It sometimes isnt visible to the adults… having a crush too is not all that fun as described in those high school novels with the most popular guy falling in love with that ugly duckling.. perhaps for me…

Everyone is an ugly duckling in this world.. everyone has a positive and beautiful look in their lives.. its us that when the time hasn’t come yet and the correct people who appreciate us hasn’t come yet.. it is really just that…. however, everyone’s talent is discovered at different times.. and those found earlier may just make fun of those whose talent werent discovered yet… it is just that the opportunity hasn’t arrived yet..

it just doesn’t seem really cool that those people can just randomly make fun of those people trying to make their talents known to the world.. i kind of despise this type of people whose talents were discovered early and they feel that the rest of the people are under their toes.. it just make me feel so horrible to think abt the anguish, disappointment and sadness that the person made fun of had to go through.. >< I totally hope that such things can eventually become lesser as the people go through this type of pain and do no want to do it to other people..

This is just a little hope of mine… that those people who think that they are inferior to the rest of the people will have their chance to fulfill their dreams and they can also be encouraged by the people who are around them.. Do not be looked down upon! Strive for your dreams!! :)Fight for it!:):):)


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