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2 Mar


4 Nov

I’ve recently have been really stressed out from the national exams coming next year and my mum has been nagging at me all day. Just for my so-called poor results, I am quite satisfied with my current results for the exams But i hadn’t scored all As. In this country, most people believe that without the satisfactory results we are unable to get anywhere far and beyond our statuses 😡 i know that my parents love me much but their expectations of me are really burdens.

What should i do? Really confused and lost in all this whirlpool of expectations. please advice if you have:)

choices made…

6 May

choices. everyone in one point or another have to make some choices of where to go.. which path in life to take. The choice to stay in bed or get out of bed is a simple example that explains it all! it has all its benefits.. and all its loveeeee~

Davichi Ft. Verbal Jint – Be Warmed MV [Eng/Rom/Han] HD

12 Apr

love this song!! a must hear! great vocals!!


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Seo In Guk – With Laughter or With Tears MV [Eng/Rom/Han] HD

12 Apr

no matter what i also can never get you even..


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Davichi – The thing that still comes up in my memory w/Span.Eng.subs + Romanization + Hangeul

21 Mar

Link: It is really great song that i like.. ^^

15 Feb