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2 Mar

Infinite Updates

1. IF I SEND THEM A LETTER… Whats the address should I send it to?
Send it here ::
[ENG] #103, 21-25, Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-843 Korea, Woolim Entertainment
[KOR] 우림 엔터테인멘트 서울시 마포구 성상동 21-25 #103
Note: Please write ‘인피니트 앞’ as this tells Woollim that its a fanletter for Infinite same goes with gifts. Name it after the member you are sending it to.
2. Is L still dating KDY?
According to  Woollim’s previous statement, they are ESTRANGED. No definite answer if they still are or aren’t dating.
3.Favorite color of the members:
-Sunggyu : White
-Woohyun : Red
-Sungyeol : Pink
-Myungsoo : Black
-Hoya : Purple
-Sungjong : Yellow
-Dongwoo : Green
4. Videos with English sub:
-Check our WordPress page (left side VIDEO tab for compilation)
5. Did the boys do any surgery before:  None that we know of.
 6.Members brothers and sisters:

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