Valentine’s Day!!~~

14 Feb

It is like the best day ever in the whole calender literally!! IKR~ it is really hard being single, during such a “lovey dovey” day.. haishh~ he still doeant know how muchh i love himm!! He is like some ignorent idiot! I made it so obvious already! I got my first flower today.. ↖(^▽^)↗ I oso got sweets, chocolate, and love letter.. o(╯□╰)o why doesnt he accept me? I sometimes really wonder if those.stories like the one on TVs are true.. it just seems so fake of all sudden that i cant bear to even think about it.. it is to much saddness to bear.. 😥 it is horrible i know.. anyways, Valentine’s Day is a time to spend these presious day wif tge people that u love ard you and those that love you dearly..
To those singles! Dunn be disheartened! Your “right one” will arrive very de soon! *singlishh*^…< hwaiting! Everyone deserves the best!! 😀


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