hahas~ My first medal~~^^

9 Feb

Got it in camp:)) it is like the first ever medal i eva received.. I’ve recieve many many awards before and my recognitions for some competions i have participated in, be it local or international:) But all of it are either throphies or certificates.. so when my class won best class this year.. i never really expect to get a medal, since it was a class effort.. even right now i’m admiring thid medal thAT I recieved:) it is just something that i seriously feel like saying or telling everyone in the WHOLE wide world.. it is like a gigantic thing for me..

it is really something that i love so muchh~~ so precious.. everyone of my certs, awards and throphies are like my babies.. the recognition for those hardwork.. It so late in the night, i like it reALLY much~~


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