Sec 3 Camp At Kota Tinggi^^

18 Jan

It is like the BEST CAMP I EVER ATTENDED!! IT WAS FREAKING FUN!!!! TOO BAD for some people who didnt go.. xD LOL We did so many things together with the class and bonded really fast and we got together… It was the type of camp that i had always wanted to attend and in all the 4 to 5 camps i attended, this is THE BEST! Many things happened and many friendships were bonded together for life and whenever we get to think about it, we would sure feel the much joy that we recieved and the regret of the camp ending so quickly.. Our class learned to care more about others around us. Taking more care about a friend in need is always like someone giving you a hig where u absorb some of his warmth to you.. Perhaps i think of it this way is because I’m always the person recieving all this care.. I tasted what it was like to know that ur friend just betrayed you.. and how it feels like to be like an outcast or being ignored by the people around you that ypu want attention from..  But all this fun is all thanks to the instructors, Daz And Zi Cong for making this camp the most fun and wonderful one^^, and (not really all that impt) the school for organizing this CAMP!! I think i have to stop typing so muchh~ i am already tired from the series of events that is happening right at the moment..


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