21 Dec

There’s this holiday homework that requires us to write about how we had spent our holidays… i havent been out of the house often this time.. so i dont really have anything special or memorable to actually write about. It like writing a summery of wad happened in my life for this 2 months right? Argh~ somehow it is really distractive and difficult to write, whenever i think about writibg something i did , i will think about him.. His coldness, his ignorance, his everything! I know, i might have anounced to many that i have already gotten over him, somewhat is only 80% of the story, afterall, he is the 1st person that didnt feel the way i do too… It kinda hurt my pride alot!! I really should just think about a day at the beach or something… somehow, he just wriggles his way into this little post that im typing about.. i must be typing a lot uh? It’s been a while since i’ve posted something, i’m scared that i may just reveal something i dont mean to… i dont want anyone i know to have any knowledge of what im thinking or feeling about some issues… i’ve been having a really hard time thinking so much about this… i still can’t come up with anything for the holiday assignment.. 😦 *wanting to cry* What does it feel like everything has already crashed, everything shattered, everything being snatched away from me, everything being torn right in front of me?? It is like there is no hope anymore! Even crying doesnt even help.. but i just want a little friendship from him.. not ignoring me.. little attention would be good… not the cold shoulder! 😥 I’d do anything….


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