Happy Memories lasts a lifetime

2 Dec

It is not like u can spend rest of life playing in the neighbourhood playground without any worries, be it the worry about school work, your job/career/occupation, or even yhe relationship between you and people around you. Even NOW, I can still rember the time where i spent some fantastic times playing in that playground with the mindset of just playing and nothing else. Even thinking that santa claus would come flying in to give me my presents made me happy… And i could be happy the whole day cos i recieve a tiny candy as a gift. To think about it, Some people may call it naive… but I envy the young me that was so easily satisfied, stressless and happy… 🙂 I miss those days… Childhood leaves a gigantic experience and a impression of life carved in our minds, missing and thinking about it once in awhile but never forgetting it.. 🙂 I still miss those times when i was still that naive little girl wanting to play only…


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